Sexy Red Lips


Welcome everyone young and old to Agejo Stars! A little website of me just existing and what not. Just a little blog and stuff (once I figure out how to make it blog like) but yeah enjoy your stay!

As you can tell from the layout I am an ABSOLUTE fan of gyaru especially Agejo gyaru. I don't see many people talk about other substyles of gyaru besides kogals in their school uniforms but with a website as cool as this one, I'm bond to find other fans of gyaru on here!

I wish I could dress gyaru irl but I don't have the money, make up, confidence and clothing that's in my size. (Plus size struggles) but maybe one day I could dress gyaru irl. It would be a dream. ALSO if you wanna embed me into your website here's my button!

Talking to absolute strangers on the internet can be pretty weird but...idk what kind of life lesson I can put on that.

Update Log!

Changed this to be an update log let's see if I can get this stuff right..

3/4/22 - Still working on the shrine list and the shrines theirselves. It's really tedious doing all of the coding and learning to get things to work but it's getting there atleast

2/26/22 - Y'all missed me? Well I'm working on making a shrine page and I can't wait to show y'all my interests and faves!!!

2/4/22 - Added the widget for the self-insert webring! I'm besties with Lain! #autismsquad (Note: I am autistic please don't think I'm neurotypical and especially allstic)

2/3/22 - Changed the image on the headers and now it's a nice pink n black leopard print! Pretty snazzy right?

2/2/22 - Made this into an update log so you'll see the updated bits of my website logged here

I am not a white person, I am black and swag!.